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Leaping Deers, Wisconsin Dells, WI

So. This is a little odd. You see this huge leaping deer? He reminds me of the one I saw on my honeymoon at the St. Ignace Deer Ranch. This one as the Wisconsin Dells at their Deer Ranch. I’m starting to feel like the Deer Ranch is a chain. I have fantasies of opening my own branch in Oak Park. I’m assuming the franchise kit includes this awesome leaping deer, some deer feed, a fence, and some seeds to grow baby deer. Like you’d get with a Sea Monkeys kit. You can grow them from a packet!

Anyway, the weirdest part of this deer spotting was that we were driving around the residential area off the strip in the Dells and look what we saw in somebody’s yard! Their franchise must have failed. I’m guessing they set the deer/Sea Monkeys free and kept the fencing and the leaping fiberglass deer for themselves. I know that’s what I would do.

Shoe Sale! Chicago, IL

Dale was walking downtown when he spotted this odd little vehicle promoting a shoe sale at Marshalls.
Needless to say, I am SORRY I didn’t see this in person. Dale is lucky because his area of downtown Chicago always has weird stuff going on! I want to drive this weird motorcycle thing! How fabulous is it?

Robinson Scenic Gardens Concrete Statuary, near Kalkaska, MI

I can’t believe I have to say this but:

THIS IS THE NOT A WEB STORE. This post simply documents my trip to Robinson Scenic Gardens Concrete Statuary. It is not their website. I do not sell concrete statuary. You would NOT believe how many inquiries I have gotten for this business. I should start a drop shipment plan with them, I swear.

A magical concrete statue garden along US 131! Enter the garden to find the amazing statuary below…

Marys in the tubs. Painted.

The Painted Statuary Garden

In the front section there are tons of huge concrete sculptures. This is by far the creepiest!

Dale took this one; he thought it was spooky cool.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are hanging out front. Wowser.

And then there’s this giant dude.

And a giant blue monkey. Or Ape. Or whatever. I felt like Jane Goodall.

Bear! Of the polar variety.

Who doesn’t love a pink elephant, a blue horse or a giraffe?

I love this guy!

Scariest thing I spotted? Half mannequin dude laying against a makeshift wall.

The back 40 has scads of unpainted statues. It appears they were all made on site! Wacky. And hand-painted.

Random painted Mary.

My “artsy” pic.

I love these little dudes.

Rail Dog, Wisconsin Dells, WI

This is the Rail Dog, located in front of the Parkway Motel in the Wisconsin Dells, WI.
A side view of the rail car.
Yes, they are open! And the Knight in Shining Armor will lead you to a polish taco…
A Polish Taco–“from Poland thru Mexico to YOU!”–is a Vienna Polish sausage wrapped and deep-fried in a flour tortilla! Amazing.



The sign says: Only in the Dells can you get a Polish Taco in a CABOOSE!