Most folks are just here for the View-Master stuff. I collect, buy and sell View-Master viewers and reels. Do you have some that you want to sell or trade? Let me know!

I have an Instagram dedicated to View-Master images. Feel free to follow me.

The Gizmodo segment and article on my collection:

The For Keeps podcast I did about collecting View-Master:’s Collector Spotlight article.

The Pathfinder I made that resulted in all this weird attention: Collecting View-Master Viewers and Reels (semi-regularly updated since 2012 when I made it for a grad school assignment) is a primer on View-Master collecting and a good place to start if you’re learning.

If you’re a View-Master collector looking for a way to track your collection and see what you do and don’t have, I made this Google spreadsheet. Feel free to make a copy for yourself to keep track of your collection.

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