So. This is a little odd. You see this huge leaping deer? He reminds me of the one I saw on my honeymoon at the St. Ignace Deer Ranch. This one as the Wisconsin Dells at their Deer Ranch. I’m starting to feel like the Deer Ranch is a chain. I have fantasies of opening my own branch in Oak Park. I’m assuming the franchise kit includes this awesome leaping deer, some deer feed, a fence, and some seeds to grow baby deer. Like you’d get with a Sea Monkeys kit. You can grow them from a packet!

Anyway, the weirdest part of this deer spotting was that we were driving around the residential area off the strip in the Dells and look what we saw in somebody’s yard! Their franchise must have failed. I’m guessing they set the deer/Sea Monkeys free and kept the fencing and the leaping fiberglass deer for themselves. I know that’s what I would do.

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