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Roadside Americana

Trout Fishing, Golf, IL

Dale and I went for a drive last Saturday afternoon and randomly spotted this beauty of a sign! It was behind a bunch of overgrown trees!

Detail of fish. This sign was a promotional tool for a Trout Fishing pond. I love it!

Located in Golf, Illinois! I love that guy and his giant fish!

White Horse, Flint, MI

The White Horse restaurant in Flint, MI, features, well, a white horse atop its sign. In the winter, it offers Seasons Greetings! And they also food and booze inside. And is a popular spot (especially with hospital workers, from what I’ve heard).

Rose & Waves House, Flint, MI

You must click on the photo to appreciate this one. This house features pink siding with a painted rose and a strange “moat” feature that includes painted waves and statuary of alligators, turtles, and dolphins. Spotted in Flint, MI, back in December. Thank goodness it wasn’t covered in snow!

Flat Screen TV, Flint, MI

Dale and I went home to Flint over the holidays and were happy to see friends and family. However, the first thing we saw was totally Flint. A guy driving a dirty Buick (I think?) with a flat-screen TV precariously strapped to his trunk. I loved it and Dale demanded I take the picture. He thought it was hilarious.