I was in Memphis last weekend and saw one of the best roadside attractions I’ve stumbled upon in years! This takes the cake, people! This is the Statue of Liberation through Christ aka The Lord’s Lady Liberty. For a complete FAQ click here.
I can’t tell you how excited I was when we spotted her, standing on the corner of Kirby Parkway. She beckoned to us and we had no choice but to submit.
So enchanted were we, we had to circle her to get a better look. To what did our wondering eyes appear?
Better than reindeer. This liberated lady features a tiny chapel/altar under base/skirt. There is a spot to kneel and pray (for forgiveness?), a “tomb” made of sprayed plastic foam that features the slogan “HE IS RISEN” above an alcove that I’m guessing is supposed to be where Jesus chilled out before he woke from the dead. I like the white sheet that provides a shroud of Turin flavor. Crappy soothing relgious music is pumped in below the altar.

The statue is rife with amusingly heavy-handed symbolism, including my personal favorite: The Lord’s Lady Liberty is shedding a tear. “THE TEAR represents Lady Liberation’s despair over America’s rapid decline from its Judeo-Christian values. She weeps for our nation’s self-destruction as the protective hand of God is removed. Yet, she realizes that there is still hope for America if we return to God through Jesus Christ.”

There were scads of flags about the property and we were quite confused by what looked a lot like a rebel flag. I’m still not sure what it was. We caught this photo of the US flag and (I think?) the state flag? Anyway, this baby is WELL worth the trip. She’s a beauty!

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