Pink Elephant Antiques in Livingston, Illinois, is a heck of a fun stop, even if it the actual store is closed (as it was on the day I happened by).
The building appears to be a funky art deco school building–or perhaps just the Gymnasium building of an old school campus? I’m not sure. But I loved it.
There is a funky elephant coming out of the front of the building near the entrance. It’s keen.

A shot of my husband standing in front of the building. And look at that spectacular Muffler Man-esque beach dude. I wonder if he used to stand in front of a beach stand with a hot dog or a coke in his hand.

He sure is big!
I love him.

Around the side (you can see Mr. Beach’s elbow in the picture) there is another elephant and another huge ANTIQUES sign. It’s pretty sweet. I hear there is a real Muffler Man inside–sure wish they’d been open!

Just imagine the treasures inside! *sniff*

This is the Pink Elephant!

Like any good roadside attraction, it’s right there next to the expressway.

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  1. Oh My gosh, I love the place.. We stopped by and it is an actual store, full of little treasures.. Its a good buy if you come back..

  2. It is an old High School and Gym. They now have a large ice cream stand that looks like a Twist cone, and a flying saucer behind that.

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