Had a few photos of gift baskets I’ve made over the years! So here they are…

One Christmas I bought a bunch of baskets at thrift stores and stacked them with mugs and hot cocoa mix! I made cocoa cones with a coworker for tons of people! We put cocoa mix into a pastry bag and then put cocoa toppings on top–marshmallows, sprinkles, etc. Very cute. Tied pastry bag with a bow and voila! Easy-peasey! Great, inexpensive gift for the cocoa lover on your list!

This is a pizza kit for a young couple that was getting married in 2002 (totally divorced now–seriously it’s okay to go cheap on the gift when the the couple is very young). Anyway, they were registered for portions of the gift so I started to work a theme. Pizza pan, pizza slicer, measuring cup, Italian cookbook, pizza sauce and seasoning and even flour–everything to make the pizza recipe included in the measuring cup! Best part? It wasn’t too pricey and it got the “oohs” and “ahhs” I live for at the showers! Hee!

This gift basket was for a grown-up couple (also now divorced–seriously, don’t beat yourself up about these non-monetary wedding gifts!) that loved to entertain. So I gave them a galvanized bucket (because they could fill it with ice and use it for parties in the backyard), stuffed with margarita-themed goodies. Plastic glasses for outdoor entertaining (super cute margarita style), margarita mix, premium tequila, a book of margarita recipes, a book filled with romantic quotes and some neutral napkins and place mats. I really thought this one was adorable.

Another Italian meal theme! The box had a registry item and on top was a colander, wooden spoons, premium pasta and sauce (from a boutique grocer), and a oil bottle. Loved it!

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