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Sexy Librarian Tote bag

I recently started grad school with the intention of getting a Master’s in Library and Information Science. So I needed a new tote for my books. I picked up the bag and the pattern from Sublime Stitching. It turned out really cute, I think.

And just to make it extra sassy there is a Reform School Girl hiding out on the side of the bag! Click on the photos to make them big.

I plan to add a few more embellishments but that’s going to have to wait until the winter break.

Camping Tea Towel

I made a tea towel for camping! Very exciting. Marshmallows on a stick.
By the campfire…coffee and hot dogs!
An adorable little camper!
This is what it looks like. I didn’t really like how I arranged the elements on the towel. So I’ll probably do a second one later.

Embroidered Pillow Cases

I’ve been allll about the embroidery lately. I bought these pattern-stamped pillow cases ages and ages ago and recently picked them up and finished them. This is a detail of the busiest part of the pattern.

They are on the guest pillows! And they are an identical pair. I don’t even know for sure if these photos are of the different cases. Heh.

Look how cozy these are!