So a couple of weeks before Christmas I was at the flower shop down the block and saw these adorable lights! I liked them but they were like $40 and I thought that was absurd because, as always, my first thought is: Eh, I could do that.

Monty, as always, was eager to help!

I pulled together my supplies: string of pearl lights (thanks, Target), some floral wire, floral tape and floral stems (Michael’s).

From there I just sort of free formed it. I used the stems to wrap the light cord around and the wire to tightly secure the wire to the stem. Then I wrapped the whole thing in floral tape. And I did this repeatedly till I got low on lights. Then I just wrapped the base.

They aren’t as nice as the store-bought ones but considering I slapped it together with about $10 in supplies while sitting in front of the TV, I’m pretty okay with how it worked out!

I actually think they look prettier in person–they have a nice glow about them and do not dominate the room the way they do this photo.

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