I wish I had taken better pics of these! This was the only one I had and I don’t think the color turned out great. But the cards themselves turned out really cute, I think. One flower girl card in white–I added a ribbon at the waist because the flower girl cards don’t look as good without one, in my opinion. The cards are in deep red with a white ribbon at the waist. Additionally, the bride requested a “dip” at the neckline. I’d never done it on the strapless silhouette and I wasn’t sure how it was going to look (because of the way I wrap the fabric around those types of dresses I wasn’t sure it would show up). BUT! It worked and is subtle but charming, if I do say so myself!

I’m also a fan of the dark red fabric. This was actually leftover from a customer’s wedding. She ordered cards made with her own fabric and she sent me a bunch of it–so much that I told her I had a ton to ship back to her but she told me to keep it! So that’s the story behind this lovely fabric. It really is beautiful and rich. I like it.

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