Recently I finished an epic counted cross stitch project. Before you think I’m crazy lemme explain! My mom loved Christmas. And she loved all Christmas things that were over the top and tacky. So I made this tree skirt with the idea that I would probably give it to her. She’s been dead for a year and a half so that tells you how many years this project has been in the works! So now, about five years after I started the stupid project I’m done! Whoooooo!

This project was epic! I’d worked on it during the holidays for the last few years but last fall I decided to just work on it until I was done. I’ve been working on it so diligently since then that I don’t even know what to do when I’m sitting around watching a TV show at night. I can’t do just one thing!

A detail of Santa’s sled.

So, yeah, it’s bananas. I haven’t cut it up to be a tree skirt yet because Dale feels it should be a runner instead–there are instructions on how to make it either of those things. Dale thinks it should be prominently displayed and not have the risk of getting sap on it and ruining it. He’s actually quite impressed with it (I’m guessing he’s just humoring me because he knows how much time I spent on this silly thing).

Anyway, no more cross stitch for me! And no more Christmas themed crap!

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