I desperately want to eat here. There’s almost nothing I don’t love about Wally’s House of Embers!

I love the groovy stone work, I love the entrance with the fake curtains, I love the neon signs and the entire front porch–not to mention the over the top white wire chairs that adorn the porch.
And I bet this neon sign looks like a real beauty in the dark! *sigh* It wasn’t open the afternoon I was there.

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  1. Hi Rebecca and Dale-
    Love your site – and I’m taking notes. :) By coincidence, I live about 10 mins. away from O.P. so I have hit some of the same places in the region. Love cool neon and retro spots. And, giant fiberglass is a huge one for us!

    If you ever get a chance to visit Wally’s House of Embers again…do! I highly recommend the ribs. And, the pork…and, well, just all the meat was fantastic. (We had a large group and passed plates around.)

    My blogging…and traveling…has been a bit sporadic lately. But, I have some stuff on the Wigwam Motel over in Cave City, KY, etc. on it if you wish to check it out.

    Thanks for a great blog – and really good info.

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