While this is a weak example, the I-90, the highway that cuts across South Dakota is littered with promotional signs for Wall Drug. A drug store tourist trap that is a must-see in South Dakota–if only to answer the mysterious call of the dozens of billboards that boast all manner of exotic treasures at the legendary Wall Drug.

An 80-foot dinosaur greets you in Wall, South Dakota, along the highway. If you head into town you see the infamous store.

I don’t want to ruin the Wall Drug experience for anyone! So only a couple of pics of the inside. It’s a wacky labyrinth of mini shops offering everything from jackalopes to cowboy hats and everything in between.

One of the most unusual–and quiet (and oddly empty) spots is the traveler’s chapel. Just a quiet respite in the midst of a cacophony of tourist trappings. Pretty fabulous. Worth the minor detour. And you’ll be thirsty by then anyway!

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