So Dale and I took a road trip to Wisconsin in the Milwaukee area and on our way we passed this wacky house!

This is the front yard. Imagine us just driving by and seeing what appears to be a classic car in a sink hole! There was also an odd collection of brightly colored fire hydrants and all kinds of random things–like the orange jug/bicycle thing.

Another view of the “sink hole” car. There’s also a vintage gas pump and an old tractor…
The tractor, of course, is helmed by Santa with a little help from Frosty. And there’s some little pigs behind Santa. I don’t get it, either, but I love it all the same.
Comin’ round the side of the house is a portion of a boat (that on closer inspection appears to have had the house land on it), a huge skull head (Indiana Jones shout-out?) and a mannequin on a snow machine!
The backyard is a bit of a pop culture graveyard. There’s an odd “gazebo” that is actually a piece lifted from some sort of local building (any ideas?), an old mailbox, an old soda vending machine, McDonald’s own Hamburglar!, a pirate with a “C” on his hat that I suspect was a Fish ‘n’ Chips restaurant mascot, a one-way sign, a car hood with a skull on it, a huge biker sculpture, and a little statue of a black child fishing.
Even farther back in the yard…a telephone booth, a playground duckie, and more…
Big Boy! A bike/milk jug combo again, a stop light…and more!
Detail of the backyard shows old bikes and another playground cast-off in front of the Hamburglar!
Biker statue!
An odd little garden statue.
The iconic Big Boy!
Next to the garage is this…thing…I don’t understand exactly what it is.
A mannequin manning a motor bike!

I wish I lived across the street from this house.

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  1. i was raised in cudahy, and although i’m all about the roadside oddities, i always forget this place exists! must’ve been riding my bike past it every day for years.

    my friend’s husband lives next door.. the people who own the place are supposedly really nice.

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