I’m working on a 10-page paper for my Digital Copyright class that discusses the problem of e-book lending, public libraries, and The Big 6 publishing houses. It has me consumed with the idea of new publishing models and thinking about the inevitable demise of The Big 6 as we know it today.

This article on a group of  self-publishing romance authors gathering together under a banner called Rock*ItReads is so clearly the next phase in self-publishing. One of the key questions readers ask is how to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is the next step.

At a message board I frequent we’ve jokingly talked about starting an e-publishing company in order to get free books but, more importantly, to get higher quality books out there. I think we’ll see a flood of these types of collectives–I think agents might start their own e-publishing houses.

It’s pretty much the Wild West in publishing right now and I sort of love it. Maybe because I’m a freelance editor and my income is not dependent on any existing book publishing models.

I love editing romance. Maybe I’ll send them my résumé…