Peck’s Farm Market is a great roadside stand in Spring Green, WI. They have a bunch of odd stuff out front–and even odder stuff out back!

Giant Corn Cob in front of the store. There is also a giant pumpkin!

Out back there is a great petting zoo. It features scads of animals with varying levels of access. Cute little brown cow taking a nap.

Downy white deer antlers! So adorable.
Baby deer!
Lonely little alligator.
Pygmy goats were so cute it was crazy.
They even have a wallaby!
And this hilariously weird bird dude.

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  1. Stear Clear of Pecks East!! They Ain’t what they used to be!
    We’ve shopped at Pecks east for many years and thought them to be a good place. Recently, however, (the last year or two) we’ve found the prices jacking and the produce quality falling.
    3wks ago a gallon of locally grown cider cost $6.99 at Pecks. the same stuff was $4.48 at Wally-World.
    We bought cookies (Golden Days Bakery) that turned out to be stale, and apples (Honey Crisp) that turned out to be turning to rot below the top layer in the bag. This is an age old scam. My parents, 50yrs ago, talked about a local orchard putting a layer of good apples on top of a bushel/bag of spoiling apples to fool the customers.
    When I e-mailed my displeasure, “Tammy Peck” responded that they “order the cookies that way” (hard) and that the apples had “hail damage”, therefore they were knowingly selling damaged goods! Ms Peck offered a refund. My reply was that approx 50% off would be sufficient ($15).
    The line seems to have gone dead. Ms Peck has not responded and I’ve received no refund.
    Bob Morgan
    Eastman, WI

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