At a gas station in Jacksonville, FL-March 2007

Do you not know that the
wicked will not see Heaven
Do not be deceived! Drunkards
Homosexuals, slanders, Thieves, Idolers,
greedy, prositutes, swinders, adulters.
You need Jesus to save you! [sic]

When the bomb go’s off
Where are you going?
Heaven or Hell?

Jesus said, all these things would happen right before he returns Math. 24, 25

Get right with JESUS while you have time! Don’t miss the Rapture

There will be a peace treaty with Israel for 7 years that is signed by the anti-Christ!
that will begin the 7 year tribulation! Give your lives to Jesus! Don’t go through–(God’s Wrath!)

Choose today who you will serve! Jesus or Satan

[sadly illegible]
Jesus is coming soon! Hurry! ASk how Him to save you
Don’t get Left Behind [my favorite]

Jesus said if you love me you will obey me! If yo don’t I will spit you out!

Jesus Loves us! Live with Him not Satan!

Jesus forgives us of our sins but we have to turn from our sins that’s why he died for us!
You must be reborn in Jesus, the old you must die to sin and have a clean mind and renewed spirit!

Jesus saves!

God so Loves the worl that he gave his only son that whoever believe’s on him will not die but live.

Jesus came to save

Freaky toys in the car.

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  1. I have never seen that van! Tell me the intersection!!!

    I’m so glad my city could show you some freakiness.


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