I haven’t updated with anything meaningful in forever.

So I was going through some photos and decided to post some pics from my trip to NYC with my boss last October. She won a super cool “top women in media award” and invited some of us from the office to go with her to pick it up.

We went for a walk from Grand Central to Times Square.

Grand Central Station was right next to our hotel.
Grand Central Station was right next to our hotel.
Times Square
Times Square
Hedwig--Wish I'd had time to see it!
Hedwig–Wish I’d had time to see it!
Times Square
Times Square

Later, I dragged my co-worker Tracy to the Empire State Building after dinner on the night we were there and it was pretty gorgeous!

Times Square from the Empire State Building
Times Square from the Empire State Building
Chrysler Building from the Empire State Building
Chrysler Building from the Empire State Building

I had the next morning to myself and wanted to go for a long walk on the Upper East Side because everything I know about the world I learned from TV, and I figured if Gossip Girl taught me anything it was how to navigate the Upper East Side. So I left my hotel, hailed a cab to the Starbucks closest to Blair Waldorf’s house (he drove me through Central Park to get there) and walked all the way back to Grand Central Station.

Blair Waldorf lives at the top.
1136 5th Avenue, overlooking Central Park.

I got a coffee and a yogurt and went for a walk.

I had a yogurt on the Met Steps, just like Blair Waldorf does every morning.
The Met!
The Guggenheim Museum
Walking on 5th Avenue along Central Park
I left 5th Avenue and saw a bunch of high-end shops, like Kate Spade, etc.
I even cruised past Serena VanDerWoodsen’s house because it was on the way to my hotel!
And I ended my little Gossip Girl tour where the show started: Grand Central.

I’m a dork. And my trip amused me.

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  1. I’m never sure if you read these… but I’ll keep leaving them! Love this one, R… NYC is one of my favorite places. Period. Wrote about it recently, but have posted each time I go, because it always blows me away! Love your photos. Went to see Hedwig and it was amazing, but the poster simply kicks ass! Thanks for this sweet reminder of my sweet place, as I catch up on reading. :-)

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