So my friend Lara has this website and I’ve been helping her troubleshoot some WordPress issues and it turns out I’m getting kind of good at this. I’m almost to the point of wanting to learn how to make WordPress sites actually attractive. I’m an epic fail at beautification efforts, which is why I had the super simple Wu Wei template for like two years.

The next crazy thing I think I want to tackle is importing my old blogger blogs to this site! I had Roadside Curiosities detailing my many roadside Americana side trips. I also had Bexcraft for my crafty endeavors. I wonder if I can import BOTH of them? Anyway, I think I’ll be trying to do that in the next couple of weeks so if anything looks crazy here? That will probably be the cause.

I’m importing partly because I want to see if I can and partly because I’d like all my wacky blogs under one umbrella on my website.


Edited to add: So it turns out that that was crazy easy! Ha! And it even imported all of my comments and categories. Holy crap! When I first moved from Blogger to WordPress with my husband on our old blog? It was HELLISH and took hours. Oops. Technology moved on.

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  1. I am sure that you are my go to girl for all things publishing… don’t be surprised when I contact you again and say: Take me to the moon, baby! Way to go Rebecca! I need to hit you up for all of this kick ass expertise.

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