My husband is always a good sport. For our honeymoon, we opted to take a road trip–clearly a beloved past time of mine–and we headed to Northern Michigan with the intention of stopping at every ridiculous spot we could find that was still open late in the season. Next stop: St. Ignace’s Deer Ranch. It’s a petting zoo! It’s a gift shop! It’s got a lot of deer. I know we have photos of the deer but I can’t seem to find them. Oh, well. For your enjoyment

She’s a beauty!

There is nothing better than photo-op sign!

My husband–with no facial hair! weird!– is the best sport ever!

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  1. Isadora- you are truly the most kindest person I’ve ever met on earth. I love your for your silky hair, your comfy bosom, and most importantly your beautious soul. Your love of flowers, puppies, rainbows, ladybugs, and little children are the things that inspire me to be a better human being. God bless you.

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