The Cermak Plaza is located on the corner of Cermak and Harlem in Berwyn, Ill. It’s just outside Chicago and it feels me with immeasurable joy! The owner of the plaza is a fan of modern art and public art. His bizarre retro plaza is a testament to both of his passions!

This is a beautiful mirrored mosaic called “The Embrace” by Gina Gilmore!

From the back, the light from the store signage reflects off of the mirrors.

A truly unusual windmill? It’s a series of cones–with colors painted inside of them–tilts in the wind and spins. Wish I had a movie of it. They’re quite magical!

It’s called Bee Tree by George Rhoads. I love it!

The real roadside Americana element is up next–Cermak Plaza’s cars on a spike!!