I’ve always had an irrational reverence for book authors. Until I started working with them. Ha! Kidding like 85%!

So, for a brief period I was disenchanted with them because working with them can be challenging as a newbie book editor.

But that challenge is also what I love about them. Because they had the all-out cojones to write a whole book, edit it, send it out for feedback (and rejection), show it people they love (the horror) as well as perfect strangers and ask them to buy it. To PAY FOR IT. Can you imagine?

It’s all so deliriously insane when you think about it like that isn’t it? To believe in your little germ of an idea so much that you turn it into a full-length manuscript and truly believe you are worthy to be in the most sacred spaces –at book stores and libraries (say, next to authors whose last names start with K)!

So I have always thought maybe I didn’t have anything that important to say. Not important enough to be next to Dean Koontz or Nicole Krauss let alone Shakespeare or Whitman! So maybe I still feel that way. But most books are read for pleasure and are not viewed as sacred artifacts. So maybe, just maybe, my voice could bring someone a smile and an escape hatch from their day (like Dan Brown but with longer paragraphs, fewer villains, and more romance).

Just maybe.

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