This is the personal website of Rebecca Kilbreath, award-winning writer and editor with degrees in film studies and library science as well as a certificate in knowledge management.

I’m also pretty crafty.

My Background

  • Professional writer and editor since 1999
  • Award-winning social media strategist and content developer
  • Book editor experienced in developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, fact checking, and author management
  • Trade publication editor experienced in writing, editing, proofreading, fact checking, freelance staff management, and website development
  • Created and implemented style guides and manuals
  • Writer experienced in advertorial and editorial content
  • Knowledgeable in both AP and Chicago Manual styles
  • Completed course on the Chicago Manual of Style at the Graham School of Business
  • Deadline-driven, budget-conscious project manager capable of juggling a large workload
  • Assigned, reviewed, and managed the work of freelance writers and editors across a broad sc
  • Familiar with all major content management systems
  • Working knowledge of HTML and CSS, among other talents
  • Collector of  old View-Master reels

Note: Photos on this site very often belong to me. Give credit if it’s not a stock photo.