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Throwing Away My Childhood #1: Magic Moves Barbie


So when my mom moved out of my childhood home she dropped off like everything I ever had at my house. And I’ve gotten rid of A LOT of it, I’ll have you know. And, recently, I started unloading more in my desire to not end up on one of those depressing shows about hoarders.

MagicMoves Barbie

So I unloaded this “Magic Moves” Barbie from 1985. It is a testament to my crazy that I had a ton of Barbies and I kept them in their boxes as a storage mechanism. So most of my old Barbies have many of their original accessories at the bottom of the boxes they came in.

I thought this doll was particularly pretty but the really awesome thing about her is her “magic” move!

In my mind? She is the Serena van der Woodsen of Barbie dolls. And that’s saying something.

Dead Tech Museum #1: Handspring Visor

Handspring Visor

I used to be an earlier adopter of technology. This is my Handspring Visor Deluxe with a weirdly high-end stylus. This is what I purchased with my George W. Bush tax rebate. Woot. A bunch of my friends had the same model and we used to play a game called Drug wars on them. Ha!

It still works, which is kind of a tiny miracle, IMO.

In other news, I’m trying to abandon my hoarder ways. And I’ll be highlighting some of my weirder and more wonderful items as I get rid of them. To Ebay!