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The Man Who Seduced Hollywood

Got this in the mail recently! I did a copy edit on this book for Chicago Review Press a few months back.

It was a fun project. I felt like I got to put my film studies degree to use (finally).

Mom, had she helped pay for my education, would have been proud.

Tabbie Awards

I found out this morning that my work has garnered a Gold Tabbie Award for Best Use of Social Media for my client! I’m very excited for them (and me).

Here’s a screenshot of the commentary the judges provided:

Click on the image to make it actual size. Perils of screenshots!

This is what it says if you don’t want to bother:

 Judging comments:
Very interactive use of social media tools. Content tone suits the audience perfectly and various formats are appropriately used across several social media platforms. The content is quirky, the interaction shows audience is engaged and the use of social media platforms to drive the content in traditional media platforms is inspiring.”