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This is an ever-evolving and updating list of rare and expensive View-Master items. I’m not an expert on this topic. They do exist but I wouldn’t count myself among them. These are just items I’ve found that go for quite a lot of cash on the View-Master market.

For more on this, check out my spreadsheet, which has some notes about values. You can see my Pinterest board of rare and expensive View-Master items I’ve stumbled across. Also, for current prices, check ebay.

Rare View-Master – Unusual Reels/Sets

  • Any sealed reels catch a premium, assuming the package is intact.
  • Some promotional reels (these vary widely and may be subject to the popularity of whatever is being promoted on the reel–often entertainment related promotional reels are more expensive but scarcity is a bigger indicator — see the spreadsheet linked above for more notes on this topic). Some expensive sets I’ve seen:
    • Bates Motel (A&E TV Show)
    • Fallout 3 SimTek 1000
  • The 150-reel set: Stereoscopic Range Estimator Naval Aviation Training World War II (Complete sets of WWII Army/Navy training reels has gone for $400+ for complete set, includes a box, reels and two Model B viewers).
  • The original and completed Stereoscopic Atlas of Human Anatomy. Includes 23 volumes and 221 reels. ($500+)
  • Mushrooms in their Natural Habitat (33 reels)

Rare Gift Sets:

  • Dukes of Hazzard Canister set (1982)
  • Dune
  • Monster Gift Pack
  • Nations of the World Library
  • Tron Gift Set (1981)

Rare/Pricier Reel Sets:

  • Astroworld Houston ($100+)
  • Cartoon Carnival
  • Expo ’70 in Japan (three three-reel sets)
  • Green Hornet
  • The Munsters ($100+)
  • Tasmania Australia

Rare Individual Reels:

  • #1305 President Kennedy in Ireland (pulled from shelves after his death, I’ve seen these go for around $500)
  • Girl Scouts Serve Their Country
  • Movie Preview Reels from 1953
  • “Blue ring” reels, gold stickers in the middle, “buff” colored reels fetch higher prices. These are the oldest View-Master reels before the standard white reels came into being.
  • “Hand-lettered” reels sometimes get higher prices than typeset but not significantly more unless hard to find
  • Tour of View-Master Plant (and any internal documents or reels)

Rare View-Master Viewers

  • View-Master 500 Stereo Projector
  • View-Master Model A with large lenses
  • View-Master Model D (the most expensive of easily acquired viewers). The better quality, the better the price. Usually you’ll pay a premium for having the original silver medallion on it and the original box). $100-$200
  • View-Master Model E in Red, Blue-Gray or Cream
  • Model K (especially in unusual colors)
  • Tweety Bird Viewer from Six Flags ($200-ish on eBay for new in box as of 2018)
  • Mickey Mouse Face Viewer in *excellent* condition is harder to find but not particularly expensive

Other Rare View-Master Items

  • Coppery Brown Reel Case (as opposed to cream/maroon; turquoise is less common as well)
  • Original photographs used to produce reels
  • Original dioramas created to photograph for reel sets (extremely rare, from what I understand)
  • Advertising: in-store display items
  • Personal stereo mounts
  • Personal Stereo Camera Film Cutter

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