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Oct. 24, 1960

Dearest Karen,

No random foreign greeting? Ok.

I’ve been copying math notes all night and will have to continue tomorrow morning. Consequently this letter will be finished tomorrow afternoon. I have to return the guy’s notes that I’m borrowing but by during class tomorrow. (I’ve got an hourly Friday.)

Your letter arrived this evening at 8:45 p.m. They Glarner Office called for me to pick it up. That’s one-day service.

Do you think Karen rushed her letter overnight to say: KEEP IT SHORT, SWEETIE, after that last one? 

Your card arrived this morning with the surprise inside. I’ll have to send a letter of thanks to your mother. She can certainly choose the most appropriate gifts.

Actual gift from Karen’s mom after reading that last letter. 

But now it’s getting late, and I need sleep in a bad way. Please forgive my “rushing off.”

Good night, Sweetheart. Sweet dreams until morning. Will see you soon (4 days).

Love ad infinitum,


I might be unnecessarily holding a grudge against Russ from last week?

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