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November 29, 1960

Dearest Kay,

This must, of necessity, be short. Finally made up that math exam this afternoon. I’m not talking about it. I can’t do on the next one what I did on that one. If I do, I will be in trouble. Only 18 days ‘till Christmas vacation. The closer the end of the semester gets, the worse the load gets.

A miracle happened today. I got a letter from Roger, without his having written me. This is an omen. A good one, I hope. Have to write back before I wake up and find out the whole thing was a hallucination. Don’t know when I’ll have time though.

Russ is resentful that Roger doesn’t write more. Got it.

How’s your speech coming along? And how’s the studying and work load doing? Not too bad I hope. I can never be good. Take it from one who speaks from experience. Have to close now. Just wanted to let you know: I’m still alive. Now I can start convincing myself. I think I died a long time ago and am just to mean to lie down and act dead.

Playing Opossum

Good night, Sweetheart. Sleep tight and Sweet dreams. Take real good care of yourself. Keep right in there pitchin’.

Love ad infinitum,


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