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Looks like this picks up directly after Thanksgiving. 

November 28, 1960

Dearest Kay,

Oh, the wonders of modern transportation, or something. The old place hasn’t changed one bit. After classes today it was difficult to believe that I’d spent the night at home and even ate breakfast there. Compared with the routine down here, Thanksgiving vacation seems an impossible period of the past. Compared to anything it seems like a vivid dream which can never be forgotten.

Russ loves Thanksgiving.

Looking at it philosophically, college life away from home is a good experience given to make one appreciate home and that certain someone who makes life worthwhile no matter how rough the going gets.

Today was a lousy day. I can say absolutely nothing for it. It started out like a warm spring day, then it rained around noon and, meanwhile, got progressively colder. Right now, it looks and feels like a dreary winter night. Not even a nice, happy winter night. It’s supposed to warm up again by next weekend, but we will have now tomorrow first. Not even the weather knows whether its coming or going. Wish it would make up its mind.

Maybe it’s my outlook.


I wasn’t very happy today.

How shocking.

Nothing about it was encouraging, except possibly that now that it’s over, tomorrow can come and it’ll only be 18 days until I’m back on the old homestead.

I have never loved living anywhere as much as this guy loves living with his parents.

That is definitely something to look forward to.

That train ride down here was peaceful except for some uncultured farmer trying to imitate a hog while he slept. Kept me away for the last one-third of the trip. Snoring I don’t mind but the snorting and unholy sounds this fellow was making irritates me, aware or asleep, but especially when I’m trying to sleep. Oh, well, such as the breaks of mass travel.

I miss you. Of that I have no doubt. Just having you near makes me feel like nothing is too big or too difficult to tackle.

130 miles provides a somewhat strained grasp, but no distance could break it. You become a larger part of me everyday. The better part, which is why I love you.

Have got to close now. Sweet dreams and good luck. If I’ve got any pull at all with the man upstairs, it’s all going to be on your side. He’s been pretty good to me in the past, so there must be something I can do for you.

I don’t see why the greatest person in the world shouldn’t be given more than her fair share of luck or help or whatever she needs. Don’t study too hard, sweetheart, and keep punchin’. Nothing’s too tough to handle.

Love always,


WHAT IS GOING ON WITH KAREN? This further confirms that Karen is miserable at school (or at home?) in a way that Russ just isn’t. He’s a total crab ass but whatever Karen has going on is darker. 

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