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There appears to be a pretty good gap between the last letter and this one. I can only assume we’re missing a few letters? 

November 21, 1960

Dearest Kay,

Thanksgiving vacation can’t come too soon. I’ll be coming in Tuesday night after my Physics hourly. The only train I can get it seems leaves here at 9:35 p.m. and arrives at 11:28 p.m. Rather late [RUSS IS Twenty years old? LOLOL] but then I’ll have the whole day Wednesday as well as a good night’s sleep at home.

Russ needs more sleep than any five people I knew at 20.

That train shouldn’t be too crowded either, which is definitely advantageous.

Next Tuesday looks a long way off. But I also know that with these hourlies looming ahead, there won’t be enough time. I’m already counting minutes of study time.

A gave Beverly a couple sweatshirts to let you choose between, whereupon she told me she bought you one. They’re returnable and my sister might want on so keep any and all that you care to. You can keep all there if you want, naturally. It is unfortunate that Beverly chose the same design that I did.

Bev was rather enthusiastic about the weekend, which is a gross understatement now that I think about it. She was positively over-joyed. Especially with those illustrious members of Sigma Epsilon Pi.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I’m wondering if they got together and killed Rosemary? Just kidding, Rosemary made it to 2007. 

I have my reservations. I look forward to this weekend with about as much enthusiasm as a condemned criminal looks forward to his last hour. (Maybe that is not entirely accurate because some condemned criminals really do look forward to the end.) Anyway, I don’t have much a desire to study all weekend while everybody else is out living it up.

FOMO is real and existed in 1960. 

The only satisfaction I can derive is knowing that you are at least getting some opportunity to relax and watch the Illini beat Northwestern and enjoy yourself otherwise. I just hope you don’t enjoy yourself so much that you’ll forget to come back. Then I would have “rescue” you from the wilds of Evanston.

Well, I have to close now. Sleep is becoming necessary. Good luck and take extra good care of yourself, Sweetheart. Will see you in 5 days. Love you.

Love and kisses, ad infinitum,


P.S. Please write!

I think I get what’s up. Karen is going to a game in Evanston with Bev. Bev is PSYCHED to go home because Rosemary is a terrible roommate, and Russ is bitter he’s stuck at school. 

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