World’s Largest Fiberglass Indian

I collect weird things…including images of strange roadside attractions. I wanted a place to put them all. So I’m going to put them here for now.

Roadside Americana is awesome and it’s a bit of a passion of mine.

This here is Hiawatha, the “World’s Largest Fiberglass Indian!” I made my husband drive many, many miles for this beauty in Ironwood, Michigan. I love it to bits and pieces and, honestly, I wouldn’t mind going to see it again. It was worth the trip. Check out how he towers over the neighborhood!

Hiawatha has his own page at!

My favorite thing about this big boy is that he’s sort of randomly placed in a neighborhood and not downtown or in the middle of a big park or anything. Just right in the thick of things. Imagine growing up in the shadow of Hiawatha? I think I’d feel protected. And it’s a great conversation piece at the bbq, no?